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Training Schedule

A Variety of Choice

A stimulating way to activate those muscles is through a variety of training styles, techniques and tempos. Using the FITT principles (Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type)  we have designed a training programs to improve strength, coordination, cardiovascular health and wellbeing, these classes are guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level. Sign up today!

Virtual Classes 


Legs, glutes and core

Are you ready to transform your body? High Intensity Interval Training could well be your next favorite thing! Designed to improve leg strength & cardiovascular endurance, this class is guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level.


We believe that a strong core is the root to success in many areas of fitness. There’s no better way to develop strength, flexibility and balance than through proper training. Contact me today and learn how creating a stronger core can help you.

Core On Fire 

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